Friday, May 8, 2009

A New Post

Yay! A new post! I'm just going to start from now. Today I leave for Las Vegas to see the Dave Matthews Band. Usually I stay in Arizona and go with Mattie, we have gone to the concert for at least 7 years but this year she is 8 months pregnant with Evan Daniel and of course could not go. So I said I'm going to Vegas and my friend Stephanie is going with me.

We got great tickets thanks to my Uncle's friend Chris who has been in the Warehouse (DMB fan club) much longer than I have so has far more seniority. Thanks Chris for getting the tickets!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Trip to Cali Day 1

I'm only a month behind! It's fine :)

My friends Kim and Ben invited me to join them on a California adventure for Thanksgiving. Kim's parents own a beach house in Oceanside and Ben's brother was flying to the mainland for the first time! (they're from Hawaii). I flew out first thing in the morning on Wednesday and there was about 24 people on my flight....Here are the seats around me.

It was raining when I left Phoenix so I has to take a picture...

Here is a view from the beach house

Here is the house
Right when I got off the plane we went to Hollywood to the Mann's Chinese Theatre and then we had to go to Universal Studios because we had reservations for IFly which is indoor skydiving. This is not any of us, but you get the idea...

Kim, Lily and I waiting for IFly (lily's too young she didn't go)
We had lunch at the dip and the owner I guess is in the movie Borat, he's the one Borat wrestles with. He was there too, working.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Founders Dinner

We had another Founders dinner at the end of November to celebrate Thanksgiving. Kerri hosted it at her house and Mattie told everyone that she is pregnant!! For updates on the Pregnancy you can check out the link to Mattie and Paul's blog and for more Founders info you can check out the link to The Founders blog...
Most importantly I finally got to meet Nora Elizabeth! Kerri's newest edition!

Nashville Day 4 GAME DAY!

Day 4 was Sunday and Game day! The whole reason for the trip was to see the Packers play the undefeated Titans!
Billy Currington sang the national anthem...I love Nashville!
The American flag was cut into the nation and I thought it looked quite cool

A view from our seats on the fifty...

Kroger sponsors the Titans...Kroger owns Fry's you all know I love Fry's so once again I couldn't resist :)

Me with LP Stadium in the background!

Nashville Day 3 (night time edition)

Saturday night we had tickets to the Grand Ole Opry where little Jimmy Dickins was celebrating 60 years as part of the Opry. To help him celebrate Trace Atkins and Brad Paisley were on hand...
I know it's blurry but Trace and Brad are in this picture...
There's the front of the Opry House

Nashville Day 3

We didn't have anything planned for the day on Saturday so I saw an add for a Segway tour and my uncle agreed it sounded like a good idea...

This is Uncle Bill learning how to ride the Segway...he did a great job!

We got to run around wild at the bell tower in Nashville. There is a bell for every county in TN.

Here's me off-roading!

My Uncle and I survived the trip! and he really enjoyed it but I'm not supposed to tell anyone.

This is where Lindsay is moving to finish her PhD so I took a picture so she could hang it in her office :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nashville Day 2

We did not have any plans for Halloween night in Nashville. But during the day we went to the Grand Ole Opry and Opryland and Opry Mills

Tootsies is a famous Honky Tonk on Broadway and we had to go, it's super small though...

The Grand Ole Opry in the daylight

My uncles company makes hangers and these are their hangers in the Gibson store!

Me outside the Grand Ole Opry
Inside Opryland a huge hotel with just under 4000 rooms...

Please don't even think I would go to another city and not go to the Big Bang!! It was fantastic!

This guy won the Halloween costume contest with Bob Ross and his girlfriend was a happy tree!!So cute!

The Geico caveman was the runner up!