Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Trip to Cali Day 1

I'm only a month behind! It's fine :)

My friends Kim and Ben invited me to join them on a California adventure for Thanksgiving. Kim's parents own a beach house in Oceanside and Ben's brother was flying to the mainland for the first time! (they're from Hawaii). I flew out first thing in the morning on Wednesday and there was about 24 people on my flight....Here are the seats around me.

It was raining when I left Phoenix so I has to take a picture...

Here is a view from the beach house

Here is the house
Right when I got off the plane we went to Hollywood to the Mann's Chinese Theatre and then we had to go to Universal Studios because we had reservations for IFly which is indoor skydiving. This is not any of us, but you get the idea...

Kim, Lily and I waiting for IFly (lily's too young she didn't go)
We had lunch at the dip and the owner I guess is in the movie Borat, he's the one Borat wrestles with. He was there too, working.

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Brighid said...

I want more!! More fascinating places like French Dip restaurants, please.