Monday, August 25, 2008

DMB! w/ Mattie

Every year I take my BFF Mattie to see the Dave Matthews Band. This year thanks to my Uncle Bill (who is absolutley awesome) and his friend Chris we were in the 7th row! It was amazing and we can never go back to the 200 level. Below are some pics of the amazing night...

The Band...

Dave!!!! He danced up a storm!

The new sax man was playing 2 saxophones!

R.I.P. LeRoi Moore 1961-2008

Friday, August 15, 2008

Megan's Here

My friend from Wisconsin Megan moved here recently for a job. So as soon as I got back from Florida we had a night out so she could meet my friends. We went to CPK for dinner and then to one of my favorites, San Felipe...Thanks for everyone who came to welcome Megan!

Megan, Me, Corinne and Ian

Breanna: I'll be there in a little I just got done with dinner. Valerie: Ok it's 8pm see you soon. Breanna shows up at 1130pm :) I love Breanna!!

Megan and I chillin at the bar

Monday, August 11, 2008

Orlando Day 3 (Animal Kingdom)

Day 3 was Animal Kingdom day. I had never been to Animal Kingdom so it was time to go. The park closed at 8 so this was our earliest day. Below is the entrance to Animal Kingdom

This herbivore tried to eat me!!

They also had a show Finding Nemo the Musical!! I love Finding Nemo!

On the African Safari we saw these Hippos and Elephants and Cheetahs and Lions and Crocodiles and so much more Disney really is amazing...
and Giraffes!
And the ever scary Valerie...ahhhh
That's the Tree of Life behind me
Before I left I had an interview for a job (which I did get) and my new boss told about this restaurant, Seasons 52. We went and it was amazing! I highly recommend if you are ever in Florida to go to this place. The wine glasses had a 52 on them which is the number of my Fry's store and since I had acquired my new job that day they seemed sort of sentimental. So I asked the waiter if they sold glasses and he said they did for about 6 dollars but before I could buy them he said I'll just leave these 2 right here...basically saying it was ok for me to just take them. Which I did and know I have beautiful sentimental wine glasses :)

Orlando Day 2 (Epcot Center)

The second day after more laying by the pool we went to Epcot center. I picked parks that I haven't been to in the longest time because really the Magic Kingdom is just like Disneyland and that's just a state away. Epcot wasn't completely thrilling but we did get to make our own future on the first ride which was quite fun :)

Walking in...
Waiting in line for Soarin' the longest wait but such a good ride!
I'm in Canada eh?
My Aunt and her boyfriend Bill somewhere near France
It's the year of Million Dreams!!

Another ball shot

Me in front of the Epcot thing when leaving the park

Orlando Day 1

My Aunt was attending an IRS convention in Orlando so I tagged along, as you will see the days were rough! :) I spent my mornings (afternoons) by the pool and the evenings were at random theme parks The first day we went to Universal Studios...

Like I said my days were rough...
The cliche picture in front of the Universal Globe
The entrance...
Orlando is know for it's awesome afternoon rainfalls. After we got off of Shrek 4D we came outside and it was pouring! My Aunt and I ran across the street and got completely drenched in the process. My Aunt is such a good sport!
The new Simpsons ride had just opened and of course the Kwik-E-Mart!
Hollywood? I thought I was in Orlando???

NYC Waterfalls (Part 2)

Since I was so close to the city I had an itch to GO TO the city :) My Aunt had mentioned that an artist had built some waterfalls on the rivers around NYC and you can take a ferry ride to go see them. We were having dinner with my Buddy Dave and his mother so we asked them if they wanted to come along and they did. After dinner in Jersey City at the Merchant, which is part of Restaurant Week, we took the subway into the city and were on the hunt for the cash cab. We did not get the cash cab unfortunately. But we did have a great time around the city.

My Aunt and I riding on the Subway, how tourist of me :)

Ther Merchant had a waterfall behind the bar! I think this is a good sign since we were going on a waterfall tour!

There were Tango lessons on the Pier where our boat was departing, no one would Tango with me...

This is Gary the captian of the Circle Line boat that showed us the waterfalls

My Buddy Dave and fantastic photographer as he take the pictures you see of me :)

Me and a Waterfall (there are 4 in all not including the one at the Merchant :) )

New York City Part One

This is the view from my Aunt's office. I made her take me to a bookstore to get the new Breaking Dawn book and the mall is right near her office. So I took some pictures on the view. I love NYC!


So the easiest way to do this is by state then by day...I flew into New Jersey on the red eye on Friday night/Sat morning then later that day my Aunt Diane and I drove to Allentown, PA to watch the drum corps show because my cousin Jalissa was performing. While it was great to see my cousin and all the other great corps Academy was there the day before and I did not get to see their finished show. We stayed the night in PA and headed back to Jersey the next morning while stopping for breakfast with my Aunts Cousins... (my second cousins?) Sue and Clint. It was great to see them since I'm pretty sure I was one the last time I did. Below are pictures from the Allentown show

This is the stadium...
here is my cousin doing nothing :)
Ahh, she's moving! GET IT JALISSA!
And she joined us in the stands :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

John Mayer ('s body is a wonderland)

I absolutely L-O-V-E John Mayer, while I do not love his body, I do love his lyrics and amazing music. For my birthday Breanna got me tickets to go see his amazingness and I love her for feeding my music passion. We arrived early to see Brett Dennon who was not all that enjoyable, Next was Colbie Caillet who we do love. We sat next to this incredibly cute couple from Ireland and we shared our Starbursts...
So excited to see John!

It's Hot in Arizona

John Mayer shaved his head...

I love Breanna and John Mayer, Thanks Breanna!